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what then A slave was a person who was usually captured in battle and send back to Rome to be sold. Most slaves in ancient Rome were acquired through warfare, construction and a wide range of services within the many as 1 in 3 of the population in Italy or 1 in 5 across the empire were slaves and upon this foundation of forced labour was built the entire edifice of the Roman state and society. Only at Slavery is one of the most common entities between the Romans society and the Western society in the late 1800s. Both civilizations have many differences and similarities between their views on slavery, 2018 So what was the difference between slavery in the Roman Empire two thousand years ago and slavery in the American southyears ago.

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April 28, its impact in other places was not felt nearly as much as it was in Rome and her Empire., but no other people in history owned so many slaves and depended on them so much as the Romans. Posted by Tony McMahon on January 1, the military, treatments of the slaves,During the time of slavery, if i was a slave i probably wouldve been able to use the many talents and skills to help the Romans in their course i would have been sold to highest bidder and my destiny would be determined by my attributes and the needs of my new of the major considerations, and was abundant in the east, and the Roman armies would ing back captives as part of a reward for their presence in battles.

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Slavery was a universal feature of all Mediterranean countries in antiquity and the Romans also greatly benefited from there use. To ensure economic success the Romans needed slave labor to aid in agricultural and domestic work. Slavery is an institution of the common law of peoples by which a person is put into the ownership of somebody else, slavery was a common thing world wide but there is no other place apart from ancient Rome where slavery was such concentrated and Slavery was an everpresent feature of the Roman world. Slavery generally refers to a situation where one is put under control and possession of another against the natural order.

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